Apple’s new iPad hits the streets

Apple’s next-generation iPad goes on sale, while Yahoo goes on the patent offensive against Facebook. Also: the homeless hot spot controversy at South by Southwest.

Who got the first new iPad? This man

week in review Eager iPad shoppers mobbed stores around the world in hopes of getting their hands on Apple’s next-generation tablet, which is already sold out online.

Wal-Mart’s 24-hour stores in the U.S. got the jump on Apple by selling the tablet a full eight hours before Apple stores even opened. There was limited supply, however. For example, dozens of people lined up at a Wal-Mart in Union City, Calif., which had 40 iPads to sell. And many left disappointed.

At Apple’s Fifth Avenue store in New York City, hundreds of iPad fans waited in the cold, damp weather, but the first iPad went to a man who had been in line since Monday. Protesters from were also there with a petition asking Apple for fair and ethical treatment of workers.

About 300 people braved the weather and construction in San Francisco to get the new iPad. To avoid blocking the front of neighboring stores, the company rented out a nearby parking lot, where about 100 shoppers were snaked into a line.

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source : CNET



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