Fujitsu solar lantern comes with FM radio

(Credit: Fujitsu BSC)

Fujitsu BSC is releasing the latest disaster preparedness product to follow Japan’s March 11 earthquake and tsunamis–a solar lantern that doubles as an FM radio. The Solar Cubic A-1 lantern (PDF) is covered with a large solar panel for charging, but can also be juiced via USB or AC adapter.

The 6-inch cube has a total of 32 LED lights on four sides with a maximum brightness of 60,000 millicandela. Any combination of facets, such as the front alone or both sides, can be lit.
A full charging of 8 hours can provide 44 hours of light when using three sides.

A speaker on the bottom can play FM radio; the receiver picks up stations on Japan’s uniquely narrow FM band of 76-90MHz.

The A-1 weighs just under 2 pounds and is designed for power failures, outdoor use, and natural disasters. It goes on sale in Japan this week for 10,290 yen ($134).

Fujitsu’s lantern follows a Toshiba OLED lamp designed for use in disaster-hit areas of northern Japan.

Toshiba only planned to make 100 units of its lamp, but Fujitsu wants to produce 100,000 A-1 lanterns annually.

source : CNET


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