Brandable stand showcases tablets in business settings

Studio Überdutch have created solid and brandable Swipespot stands for housing tablets in corporate and retail settings.


Tablets are increasingly being used in a wide variety of business and organizational settings, which in turn means they often don’t attract consumers’ attention to the extent that they once did. That, indeed, is just what Studio Überdutch is trying to rectify with its solid and brandable Swipespot stands for corporate and retail settings.

Priced at EUR 1,480 excluding VAT, the Swipespot stand can be used with iPads, Galaxy Tabs or virtually any other type of tablet. A lockable metal cover keeps the device secure while displaying it prominently for communication and customer interaction. In retail stores, for instance, the stand and tablet can be used to guide customers to the section of the store they’re interested in, or to enable instant online ordering when a product is sold out in-store. Similar capabilities can benefit healthcare settings, while in exhibitions a Swipespot-enclosed tablet can help attract attendees’ attention, says Studio Überdutch, which also offers custom application development through an array of software partners. The Swipespot stand is also entirely brandable with the corporate user’s color scheme and an LED-illuminated logo. Coming soon are versions that include a small printer or high-end audio capabilities as well.

If tablets have become central to your business, this could be something to try out in customer-facing settings. If not, consider the new ancillary product opportunities that open up with each new technology class, and be inspired!


Spotted by: Roel Wijnterp



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