In Germany, peer-to-peer recruiting site pays ‘bounties’ for referrals

In Germany, peer-to-peer recruiting site pays ‘bounties’ for referrals



It was close to a year ago that we covered JobPrize’s peer-to-peer recruiting service, and recently we came across a like-minded effort in Germany. Now in beta, AdviseMeJobs is a site that helps companies fill open positions by offering rewards for referrals.

Employers begin by posting their open positions on AdviseMeJobs, including setting a “bounty” of at least EUR 500 that they’re willing to pay for each position to those who help fill it. The site then uses email and SMS to draw those positions to the attention of registered “scouts” in the relevant sectors and regions. Via social media and other channels, the viral effect then goes to work for the benefit of the employers in question, allowing them to reach not just job-seekers but also those who weren’t actively seeking a position. If a referred candidate is ultimately hired, the bounty can be split among a referral chain of up to four people. AdviseMeJobs is free for employers until the end of August. After that, pricing begins at EUR 95 for a single ad.

If the global brain is increasingly the solution to challenges in innovation and creativity, sustainability, honest reporting and the economy, then why shouldn’t it be the right place to turn for recruiting as well? Time to set up something similar in your neck of the woods?






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