New global labelling system highlights wind-made products



Regular readers of Springwise maybe remember our recent story about the wind-powered machine that knits scarves sustainably. Now a new initiative, WindMade, plans to identify and label any products that have been made with wind power. Over the past fifty years consumers have been able to make purchase decisions guided by labels highlighting whether the product is tested on animals, contains CFCs, is recyclable or fair trade, and now WindMade is bringing energy source into the mix.

The not-for-profit organization aims to give eco-conscious consumers worldwide the option to choose products based on sustainability, and hope that informing customers about how goods are made will encourage more businesses to invest in wind power. Supported by a team of large brands — Vestas Wind Systems, The Global Wind Energy Council, WWF, UN Global Compact, The LEGO Group, PwC and Bloomberg — WindMade urges other companies to follow their lead, and believes that these collaborations will “ultimately offer consumers an opportunity to invest in a fully sustainable future”. The video below explains the concept in more detail:

In a market where customers are increasingly interested in how products are made and demanding more transparency in production processes, WindMade is calling for forward-thinking companies to get involved in the initiative, and in doing so distinguish themselves from other brands using less environmentally-friendly energy sources. Expect to see WindMade products on shelves early next year. In the meantime, one to partner with to make your own environmentally friendly credentials known to the world?





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