SME Guarantee Fund: 250 million for renewable energy and innovation

The Ministry of Economic Development announced yesterday a new initiative to support small and medium-sized enterprises, with a view to supporting the development and accompany / assist the economic recovery in our country. In detail, in accordance with what is announced by the Minister of Economic Development, Claudio Scajola, the Ministry, using European funds, has injected some 250 million euros in the Guarantee Fund for small and medium-sized enterprises with the aim of supporting research and innovation projects, including even those that link renewable energy. The resources will be better to intercept the plans of development of SMEs in the South, with the aim of bringing the gift in 2012 of the Guarantee Fund for small and medium-sized companies to 1.8 billion euros.

Considering the multiplier effect, the employees of the Fund, and EUR 740 million, will enable approximately ten billion euros in guaranteed investments that will become as many as 30 billion euros, total, in 2012. Due to changes in the criteria for access to the Guarantee Fund for small and medium-sized businesses, Italy, as outlined by Minister Scajola, is among the first countries in the world to incorporate the latest environmental guidelines that have been discussed in Copenhagen.

Fund, we recall, was extended access to both the sector of small businesses, both in the transport sector through the establishment of a “special section”. The aim is to support projects with the Fund for small and medium-sized enterprises, but at the same time, the Fund is able to facilitate mergers between large companies and their organization into “network”. With this union, among others, SMEs, leveraging investments that carry the “brand” of the State guarantee thanks to the Fund, may the best plan for development strategies aimed at “attacking” foreign markets with the intent not only to maintain but also and above all increase their market share.



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