Funding for renewable energy of Intesa Sanpaolo

finanziamenti energie rinnovabili intesa sanpaolo Finanziamenti per le energie rinnovabili di Intesa Sanpaolo

Providing access to credit “measure” both innovative companies, especially those operating in high technology, and to those “green”, ie those that link renewable energy. With that goal last month Mediocredito Italian, belonging to the banking group Intesa Sanpaolo, and the Chamber of Commerce of Monza and Brianza, have signed an important partnership for the benefit of SMEs in the area, and particularly for those that are Foundation to be entered in District and High Tech Green Monza Brianza. With the agreement Mediocredito Italian has made available to evaluate the investment projects of SMEs in the areas mentioned above to provide both services, and specific financial instruments and credit lines.

Starting with “Nova +”, the line of ad hoc funding for research and innovation, and passing for “International +”, the supply of credit dedicated to projects and processes of internationalization of small and medium-sized businesses that link abroad to diversify its portfolio of contracts, and clearly to grow and develop in size.

Mediocredito Italian, is also capable of supporting business plans and growth plans of SMEs, in order to gain more power and more competitive in the markets, by providing long-term credit for restructuring both for the business operations of capitalization. As for the growth in size and aggregation, are promoted Networks Company. Mediocredito Italian is available to SMEs interested in Milan and the Province at the Companies Branch. Remember about how the Italian Mediocredito, to promote access to credit for renewable energy sources, operates through the real centers of excellence represented by the so-called “Energy Desk” for their own specialist firms and entrepreneurs “green” .



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