Sustainable Energy Week, Europe goes green

Brussels prepares for EU Sustainable Energy Week announcing 150 events in 450 cities and 43 countries participating in the Energy Days in Europe and the Mediterranean

Close to the EU Sustainable Energy Week, which takes place from 11 to 15 April, the European Commission in Brussels is organizing what will be the heart of the initiative. More than 30 thousand participants located in 43 countries will discuss and questions on issues relating to energy efficiency and renewable energy, demonstrating in concrete terms the benefits of low carbon energy generation. On this occasion the Commission will announce the next steps that will grant consumers more options and more awareness also describes the plans for the expansion of intelligent networks throughout Europe, giving consumers an innovative tool to manage their energy consumption, that will allow them to save energy and money while ensuring high levels of quality of life.
“When it comes to energy production and consumption in Europe has more need than ever of being on a sustainable path. It’s time to invest in energy efficiency and wider use of renewable energy: this is the best way to ensure energy security and competitiveness for us and for the children. Intelligent networks and the use of smart meters are the key to a better use of energy, “said EU Energy Commissioner Günther Oettinger.
With only 150 events in Brussels and energy 450 days in 43 countries in Europe and the Mediterranean, the Sustainable Energy Week will be an opportunity to present new projects eco-friendly.
On the day of April 12th the commissioner Oettinger will preside at a press conference held to announce details of the new Smart Grid Communication Plan, a strategy that focuses on digital two-way communication in order to improve efficiency and help consumers better manage its electrical and electronic devices, for example, through the installation of new smart meter with plans to cut consumption by 10% and a consequent reduction in costs in the bill.
In the evening will instead be announced six winners of the Sustainable Energy Europe Awards in recognition of the excellence of the projects.




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