Fourth energy bill: the proposed ANIE / GIFI on new incentives for solar

quarto-conto-energia-incentivi fotoltaico-anie-gifi

In a difficult period in which traditional sources of energy supply, fossil fuels, are subject to price fluctuations due to natural events and political, the decision to invest in renewables adrebbe perhaps pursued with greater tenacity. This sentiment which was approved yesterday by ANIE / GIFI a motion with some proposals for the fourth Earl, and new incentives for solar energy after the approval of the Decree Romans.

In the coming days will come, so, the Minister Paolo Romani and the government new ideas on how to manage the transition from third to fourth in tariff. In fact, the Board of Anie / Gifi has drafted a proposal on which there was a broad consensus on the part of firms which met yesterday in special meeting, to the satisfaction of the President Valerio Christmas that said: “With the consent of a majority of members (71%) present in the coming days to the Minister Romans all the proposals and demands of the Italian PV. Our goal is to finish with the department a draft order in a short time. ” It is, to define a draft decree implementing the new mechanisms for deciding incentivazone photovoltaics, giving effect to the provisions of decree Romans on renewable energy (effective from March 3), which decreed, among endless arguments, the end premature Third Energy Bill, in place since early 2011 and will last three years but, however, expires with the end of May next to come.

In detail ANIE / GIFI proposed to be a transitional phase at least until the end of 2011, Duran who implement a system to decrease the monthly tarffe, beginning with the month of October.

By 2012, however, ANIE / GIFI proposes further cuts, but on an annual basis, tariffs until 2016. A gradual reduction mechanism, then, should be accompanied by a system of self-linking, in inverse proportion, the level of tariffs allivellare of installed capacity. Or lowest rates with increasing power requirements. The proper registration of the facility shall be assured by a “certified completion of work.”

“Our idea,” said the President-Christmas-“is to align the incentive system to Italian German model in order to give stability to the market as a basis for full competitiveness of Italian companies. With this proposal we hope to get to 2016 with over 20 GW of installed PV capacity that will meet over 10% of national electricity needs and to create more than 300 000 jobs throughout the supply chain of photovoltaics, a crucial source of energy supply at the moment, along with other renewable sources generally, to give greater independence to the Italian energy system, and protect it from fluctuations in the prices of traditional sources, due to geopolitical changes and natural events.

Source: energie alternative



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