For several years now we offer our services to day with the formula of prepaid packages, a really innovative in the industry.

The packages are so much cheaper to buy the days or half days of service and to use non-expiring, and especially to get discounts up to 30%!

What are the services a day? These are the services that we offer in our hotel just for one day or even half a day. I am therefore the daily rental of offices and meeting rooms.
Business Center offices have specially reserved for the services of Office Day. And then we have 4 meeting rooms, 8, 10, 16 and 30 seats, fully-equipped.

What are these services?
Imagine having to select candidates for a job, agents or customers wanting to get in a city where you have no home. Or simply because your home is difficult to get or why you believe that a downtown office and in a strategic area located in a prestigious address can be the most image for our business.

Suppose you want to call a meeting, un’asseblea want to organize a training course.
Even today many similar meetings take place in public places such as bars, for the first hypothesis, and in hotels, for the second.
In the society of which we are living in these two solutions are rather uncertain especially for the outcome that may have on third parties: the bar to clear the lack of privacy and the feeling of insecurity and the hotel because it is a field focused at work and very temporary.

When you take an office or conference room in the day at the Business Center into a world stable and reliable. Everything here is focused on business and make you feel in your office. And your clients, friends, colleagues will be the same. The environment and the whole outline talk business, business. Of your business.



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