Taiwan’s Electric-cable Makers Increase Investments in China

Taiwan`s leading manufacturers of electric wires and cables, including Walsin Lihwa Corp., Taya Electronic Wire & Cable Co., Tai-I Electric Wire & Cable Co. and Jung Shing Wire Co., are stepping up investments in China as the nation has kicked off the 12th five-year national economic development plan.
Of them, Walsin Lihwa has recently increased paid-in capital of its subsidiary in Dongguan of Guangdong province by US$20 million, which has an annual production capacity of 120,000 tons of bare copper hard wires.
Jung Shing said it has set aside US$4.2 million to increase the paid-in capital of its electric-wire subsidiary in Dongguan. Jung Shing general manager H.T. Wang said the Dongguan plant has maximum production capacity of 10 million tons of magnet wires per month. At present, the company is capable of churning out six million to seven million tons of magnet wires per month.
Regarding the 12th five-year national economic development plan, China has resolved to budget 500 billion renminbi to build ultra-high-voltage power grid, which has drawn much attention from electric-wire manufacturers of both China and Taiwan.
As early as 2009, Taya had resolved to invest US$5 million to set up a plant of magnet wires in Zhangzhou of Fujian province before the whole project was suspended after paying US$1.5 million for the acquisition of a land space there. Recently, the company has resumed the project by spending US$3.5 million to set up the proposed plant in Zhangzhou which is expected to launch mass production sometime in August this year.
To tap the lucrative electric-wire market in China, Tai-I has applied to Wuhan Research Institute for the certification of 110KV and 220KV ultra-high-voltage electric wires which will be distributed by way of China`s dealers.

(by Ben Shen)



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