Growth in Asian Businesses to Fuel ICT Transformation in 2011: IDC

nternational Data Corporation`s (IDC), the premier global provider of market intelligence, recently forecast trends for the coming year, expecting the Asian business and Information and Communications Technology (ICT) scenario to be defined by sustainable growth, and in some cases, high growth. The healthy economy, in turn, will fuel ICT transformation, triggering it to go “mainstream.”

IDC expects the Asian market to enjoy another solid year of strong growth. China, India, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines are projected to generate the strongest IT spending rise in 2011.

The major market researcher also announced its top-10 ICT predictions for 2011:

  1. Socialytic Applications Will Transform the Collaboration Market
  2. Mobilution — Mobility Will Make A Leap Into IT
  3. “Less for Less” — Self-Service Customer Portals Will Spearhead Low-Cost Customer Centricity
  4. Analytics Will Accelerate the Chase For Asian Consumption
  5. Apple`s iPad Will Catalyze Interest in Client Virtualization
  6. Services and Federation Will Lead “Enterprise-Class” Cloud Deployments
  7. Smart Enterprises Will Adopt Catalog-Based IT
  8. Business-as-a-Service: The answer to IT-business integration?
  9. Telecom Services Providers Will Return to IT
  10. Telecom Service Providers Will Look to Cloud Computing for Operation

Claus Mortensen, Principal for Emerging Technology Research, Practice Group, IDC Asia/Pacific, said: “Although the Asian markets were not as badly hit by the financial crisis as compared to North America and Western Europe, the failing economy did have a lasting impact on the market dynamics in the region. As growth became an uncertainty at the end of 2008, most companies in the region started increasing their focus on capturing a larger wallet share in their existing markets rather than expanding into new ones. As a result, competition in the region has intensified after the crisis has passed and even after organic and inorganic market expansions are back on the agenda. Most companies across all sectors are now faced with increased competition for their products and services and IDC expects the trend to continue in the next few years. IDC also believes that customer centricity initiatives will become a priority in emerging markets in 2011 and beyond.”

(by Quincy Liang)



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