Taiwan May See Six Million Tourist Arrivals in 2011

To celebrate the upcoming 100th anniversary of Taiwan, the government is promoting a series of celebratory activities and programs, which will help to raise the foreign tourist arrivals to the island in 2011 to an estimated six million.

The Tourism Bureau figures show that the number of incoming tourists reached 4.507 million in the first 10 months, surging an annual 27.5%. H.L. Liu, deputy director general of the Bureau, predicted that the number of arrivals for the full year is very likely to exceed the original goal of 5.2-5.3 million, with the number for 2011 likely to soar to over six million to generate business valued at NT$281.4 billion (US$8.79 billion).

The number of mainland Chinese tourists to Taiwan totaled 1.343 million in the first 10 months, surging 75% from the corresponding figure of 2009; and that of Japanese totaled 873,000 for a slight annual rise of 5.7%.

Liu disclosed that the Tourism Bureau will be in charge of 100th anniversary activities as lantern festival, international cycle race, Double-Ten birthday party, home-stays for foreigners etc., as well as help local governments and related organizations to hold events at scenic spots, including first-dawn-viewings.

No. of Taiwan-bound Tourists in First 10 Months
Source No. of arrivals Annual growth (%)
China 1.343 Million 75.4
Japan 873,000 5.7
Hong Kong & Macao 651,000 9.0
U.S. 328,000 10.0
Malaysia 210,000 83.7
Total 4.507 million 27.5

Source: Tourism Bureau

(by Judy Li)



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