Manufacturers in Taiwan Versed in Multi-function Plastic Bag Making Machines

Despite plastic bags still being the most widely used disposable item worldwide, the production and sales of plastic bag-making machines in Taiwan could not evade the global downturn, with such decline expected to continue till the second quarter of 2010.

Customs-cleared statistics compiled by the Taiwan Association of Machinery Industry (TAMI) show that Taiwan exported US$670.746 million of plastics and rubber processing machines in the first 11 months of 2009, down 33.9% year-on-year, with plastic bag-making machine being one of the largest exports among the domestic plastics and rubber processing machinery sector.

To offset such decline, TAMI says that some major makers in Taiwan are planning new operating and marketing strategies for 2010, with many doing their utmost to develop larger models to enhance added product value.

40 Years’ Experience
With over four decades of manufacturing experience, Taiwan’s plastic bag-making machinery industry has been upgrading production techniques to widen global market share, as well as step up production of conventional models to meet increasing demand in emerging markets as Central Asia and Eastern Europe.

Many claim they can export made-to-order turnkey equipment for production of conventional, eco-friendly plastic bags, handling everything from factory planning, design, production equipment installation, inspection and testing processes to finished products.

With many makers in Taiwan boasting advanced R&D capability and experienced technicians in-house, the sector on the island can fill just about any order, including designing innovative machines, which may be integrated with printing machines to enhance added-value.

Besides being able to offer self-designed models, Taiwan’s makers also welcome OEM (original equipment manufacturer) orders; while continuing upgrading of design skills enable makers to diversify into ODM supply.

Plastic Extrusion Systems
Founded in early 1980s, Jenn Chong Plastics Machinery Works Co., Ltd. is a globally recognized manufacturer of high-quality extrusion systems for the fast-growing plastics industry worldwide.

Jenn Chong has developed a wide range of plastic extrusion machines, including complete blown-film extrusion systems for single- or multi-layer film, monofilament extrusion system, flat-yarn making machines, fibrillated yarn making machine, extruded net making machine, strapping band making machine, and turnkey plant for plastic and woven bags.

This maker’s extrusion systems meet the world’s most stringent standards: acquiring ISO9002 certification in 1998, ISO9001 in 2000, and the CE mark in 2004.

The firm says it fully appreciates that using advanced technologies is the only way to upgrade product standards, a belief that has driven the maker in the last several years to invest considerably to develop advanced manufacturing techniques and machines.

The multi-layer co-extrusion blown-film extruder from Jenn Chong.

The multi-layer co-extrusion blown-film extruder from Jenn Chong.

In-house R&D Team

Jenn Chong has an in-house R&D team to design, prototype and test innovative products. “Having a dedicated R&D team enables the maker to be very proud of being able to supply high-quality extruding systems, which has helped to win trust and confidence of global customers, proven by its list of over 500 customers in over 70 nations.

In recent years, Jenn Chong has been striving to develop and improve monofilament and heavy-duty PET strapping band-making machines. The monofilament extruders are suitable for making PP/PE, PVC, nylon (PA6, 66, 6/66 copolymer) and PET for various industrial applications. The company has also developed a PET extruder line for to make heavy-duty PET strapping band from recycled PET bottles.

Jenn Chong can offer a complete range of PP and HDPE flat yarn extrusion lines, all equipped with advanced technologies for flat yarn and fibrillated yarn production. The machine is especially designed to offer cutting-edge technology, economical operation, quality and flexibility production.

The company boasts its JC-FY series flat yarn making machine can be ordered with 85mm to 100mm screw extruder, gear-driven precision cross-winder to produce general-purpose flat yarn, making it an ideal model for starting up an extrusion plant.

Wide-ranging Bags
Founded three decades ago, For Dah Industry Co., Ltd. is a major maker of turnkey plant to produce PP/HDPE (polypropylene/ high-density polyethylene) woven bags to hold dried foods, cement etc. and HD/LDPE (high-density/low-density PE) blown-type bags.

For Dah began by developing woven-bag making machines. Its years of know-how in development and production enables the maker to supply a variety of turnkey plant for the plastic processing industry. And this maker is ready to integrate printing functions to its product line.

This ISO9001-certified maker boasts all the components and parts used are CNC (computerized numerically controlled) lathed, as well as using CAD/CAM to produce shop drawings to achieve exacting precision. In addition, the company uses standardized parts and components to ensure high product quality.

This maker’s long-term R&D program, advanced manufacturing capability, and strong commitment to customer service has helped to build a firm reputation as a supplier of turnkey plastic processing plant globally.

Over the past decade, the company’s highly-trained engineers have been engaged in R&D to upgrade production capability and quality controls for the turnkey plant sector. The engineering department has a global reputation for continual R&D to develop high productivity machines, as well as capability to efficiently handle turnkey projects.

For Dah`s auto-cutting and sewing machine with gripper.

For Dah`s auto-cutting and sewing machine with gripper.

Technical Consultancy
Besides supplying high-quality machinery, For Dah is also known for offering technical consultancy, helping buyers build dedicated manufacturing equipment to achieve cost-efficient production. Many buyers prefer this supplier for its total solution capability, including full technical support, production flow planning, production analysis and operation training, making For Dah known in the line for helping customers choose the most suitable machines.

Although most makers in Taiwan still focus on exporting to Southeast Asia, For Dah has successfully penetrated emerging markets in West Asia and East Europe for over six years. To boost sales in the East European market, some five years ago the company established a representative office in Moscow.

To achieve globally-credible quality standards, For Dah boasts it imports key parts and components, including electronic control systems and motors, from Germany and Japan, stating that it adheres to strict QC standards and trial runs.

Developing new models to meet customers` needs in the past few years, For Dah is proud of the innovation in the gusseting & rotating machine, suitable for the production of PP/HDPE woven bags and laminated bags. Claiming the machine is unique in Taiwan for its ability to print lettering in the middle of gussets of woven bags, which is beyond the capability of others in Taiwan.

Plastic films/bags recycling machine from Kang Chyau.

Plastic films/bags recycling machine from Kang Chyau.

Quality Imported Parts
Kang Chyau Industry Co., founded in 1988, is one of the most respected makers of industrial machines in Taiwan, with many years of experience in developing innovative products to meet special requirements of the worldwide plastics processing industry.

Admitting to being buffeted by the global downturn shown in plummeting overseas orders, this maker says buyers are hesitant to retool plants or invest in new ones due to uncertainties in the global economic recovery.

This maker offers a variety of machines, including plastic bag-making machines, plastic inflation machines, printing machines, cutting machines, and sealing machines.

To ensure top quality, Kang Chyau purchases key components from globally-trusted suppliers in advanced nations, including solenoid switches from the renowned French firm Telemecanique, and shaft bearings from Swedish SKF.

Each of Kang Chyau’s membrane-blowing machines is equipped with the most sophisticated gauges and timers on the market; while all its gears for the main ejector units are precision ground. This maker is also totally committed to market diversification, prompt delivery, and efficient after-sales service, which help to keep it among the most competitive suppliers in the plastic injection-molding sector, claiming to have shipped products to over 62 nations to have built a solid reputation both at home and abroad.

All-in-one System
Lung Meng Machinery Co., Ltd., also known as Dragon Plastic Machinery and established in 1976, is a specialized maker of plastics converting machinery. In 1983 Dragon Plastic developed the fully-integrated “All In Line System,” enabling blow-film extrusion, printing and bag-making to work in-line.

Besides offering a wide range of price-competitive, innovative machines that exceed expectations, Lung Meng, backed by 30 years of experience in R&D, is also the one of a handful to be able to make fully-integrated machines.

Lung Meng mainly supplies extrusion, printing and laminating, bag-making machines, and special-purpose machines. In the extrusion line, the company provides models ranging from one inch wide, single layer, 25mm diameter laboratory use extruders to six-meter wide, multi-layer, 3 x 150mm blown film co-extruders, as well as zipper profile extruder and a variety of water or air-cooled die-face cutting recycling equipment.

In terms of printing and lamination, Lung Meng offers the basic, single-color flexographic printing machine to high-speed, high-quality, 12-color computer control gravure printing machine to meet wide ranging demands.

Lung Meng`s two-in-one PS650RSF pre-stretch-and-rewinder system.

Lung Meng`s two-in-one PS650RSF pre-stretch-and-rewinder system.

Also a versatile supplier of bag-makers, Lung Meng offers bottom seal, side seal, double-bottom seal and one-side-opening seal bag-making machines, which turn out T-shirt bags, patch handle bags, merchandise bags, zipper bags, pre-opened bags, square-bottom bags and others.

Having successfully developed state-of-the-art machines to handle pre-stretch, stretch and cling films, this maker is sought-after for offering cost-effective, eco-friendly turnkey solutions, claiming its films produced is among the most popular among the packaging industry.

Headquartered in Yungkang Industrial Park in Tainan County, southern Taiwan, this maker has two factories and two sub-factories in this region. And to offer quick after-sale service, the company has set up sales agencies in Russia, Ukraine, Tunisia, India and Turkey.

With a highly experienced R&D team in-house, Lung Meng has developed many industry-leading plastics processing machines for leading manufacturers globally.

Over the past several years, the company has achieved an amazing 80%-90% annual growth in exports, enabling the reduction to less than 1% in domestic sales, as well as claiming to have shipped products to over 120 nations, either directly or via overseas sales agents.

(by Ben Shen)



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