Taipei Trade Shows 2010 / Show Calendar

Show Date: 2010/07/16 ~ 2010/07/19
Fitness Equipment, Sporting Goods, Accessories & Sportswear, Sports Organization / Associations, Sports Training Institutions,Stadium Operators, Complete Bicycles, Bicycle Parts & Accessories,Sports Tour, Sports Media.venues:Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall
2010 TICA
Show: 2010 TICA
Show Date: 2010/08/05 ~ 2010/08/09
Computers System & Peripherals, System Software, Factory & Office Automation Software, Image Processing Systems, Value Added Networks, Point of Sale(POS)Systems, PC & On-line Game Software, Multimedia Products, Digital Camera & Digital Home Products.venues:Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall
Show Date: 2010/09/08 ~ 2010/09/10
Consumer Electronics,Electronic Components Security & Safety Products, Electric Appliance & Machinery, Hardware, Hand Tools, Die & Mold, Auto & Motorcycle Related Vehicles Parts & Accessories, Photovoltaic (PV) Products, Rubber Products, Micscellaneous.venues:Chennai Trade Center Hall 3, India
2010 INST
Show: 2010 INST
Show Date: 2010/09/30 ~ 2010/10/03
Agricultural Products, Chemical Materials / Products, Textiles, Machinery, Consumer Electronics, Optoelectronic & Telecommunications Products, Metals & Hardware, Constructional Materials & Sanitary Products, Sports & Leisure Goods, Office Equipment, Gifts, and the Relveant Technololgy.venues:Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall
Show: 2010 EXCO TAIWAN
Show Date: 2010/10/06 ~ 2010/10/08
Venue Owners, Designing & Decorating Companies, Audio, Visual & Technical Suppliers, Digital Signage, e-Communication Tools, Event Staging & Entertainment Suppliers, Meetings Technology & Multimedia Companies, Exhibition Organizers, Meeting Organizers, Event Management Companies, Trade Associations, PR Companies, Advertising Agencies, Translation & Interpretation Agencies, Travel Agencies, Incentive Travel Suppliers, Airlines, Coach, Car & Railway Operators, Printing & Publishing Companies, National & Regional Tourist Offices, Suppliers of Gifts & Premiums, Training Organizations for MICE industries, etc.venues:Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall
2010 Broadband  Taiwan
Show: 2010 Broadband Taiwan
Show Date: 2010/10/11 ~ 2010/10/14
Communication Equipment,Communication Components & Module, WiMAX, WLAN, Ethernet, Microwave Transfer Equipment, Cable Modem, PABX/KTX, Bluetooth, FTTX, Communications Satellite, WiFi, Router.venues:Taipei World Trade Center NANGANG Exhibition Hall
Show Date: 2010/10/11 ~ 2010/10/14
Passtive Components, Active Components, Connects, Power Supplies, Meters & Instruments, LED Components & Applications, Industrial Process & Manufacting Equimpent, Electronic Applications, Other Electronic Components.venues:Taipei World Trade Center NANGANG Exhibition Hall
2010 Taiwan RFID
Show: 2010 Taiwan RFID
Show Date: 2010/10/11 ~ 2010/10/14
RFID Readers, RFID Active & Passive Tags, RFID Components, Printer, Antenna, Module, Smart Cards, Software Sensors.venues:Taipei World Trade Center NANGANG Exhibition Hall
2010 Fastener  Taiwan
Show: 2010 Fastener Taiwan
Show Date: 2010/10/19 ~ 2010/10/20
Nuts, Bolts and Screws,Fastener Manufacturing Equipment,Fastener Tools,Meters & Instruments,Assortment of Fastenervenues:The Modern Multi-Functional Gymnasium in Kaohsiung(KAOHSIUNG ARENA)
2010 TIGIS
Show: 2010 TIGIS
Show Date: 2010/10/25 ~ 2010/10/28
Alternative / Renewable Energy, Fuel Saving Mobile / Motorcycle, Electrical Mobile/Motorcycle, Energy Saving Products, “Energy Label” Products, Recycling, Pollution Prevention Equipment & Material, Green Building-Material, Environmental Protection Related Products, Environmental Protection Store, Environmental Protection Hotel, Water Resource Service, Water Treatment & Recycle, Water Materials & Instruments, Water Conservation, Water Conservancy Project, Water Related Products, Water Saving Device.venues:Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall
Show: 2010PV TAIWAN
Show Date: 2010/10/26 ~ 2010/10/28
PV Materials Ingots, Silicon wafers, Solar Cells. Solar Cell Panels / Modules, Power Generator Systems and Components / Parts, HCPV, BIPV, Application Products, Manufacturing Equipment, Evaluation / Testing / Analysis Equipment.venues:Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall
2010 Kaohsiung Food Show
Show: 2010 Kaohsiung Food Show
Show Date: 2010/11/04 ~ 2010/11/07
Fresh Fruits & Agricultural Product, Meat & Dairy Products, Fish Products, Condiments, Frozen & Prepared Products, Dehydrated Food Stuffs, Wine & Spirits, Coffee, Beverages, Confections & Cookies, Health Foods, Leisure Foods, Tableware, Catering.venues: KAOHSIUNG ARENA
Show Date: 2010/11/11 ~ 2010/11/14
Bio-tech products, medical equipment & instruments, hospital supplies, IF products for medical purposes, educational equipment, diagnostic equipment, medical materials, pharmaceuticals, health care products, rehabilitative products, elderly & nursing care products, beauty car & anti-aging medical products..venues:Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall


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